November 2023

Launch of our Xmas Wish appeal 2023!!!! Xmas is a time where we celebrate giving. Help us provide all the Xmas wishes over the 6 week summer holiday for these amazing children and young people.  Every child deserves to have fun during this time and your help and support will make these xmas wishes and experiences a reality.

Summer 2023

Our Founders Victoria and Jon Erasmus visited our partners in South Africa for the first time since covid!  Such a fantastic time to meet in person with all involved and to plan our fundraising going forward............ Exciting times ahead!

March - October 2023

A huge congratulations to all our amazing fundraising runners!! From Inverness to London, we have had so many dedicated people take part in 5km, 10km, half marathons and marthons around the country.  Every penny raised goes directly to our chosen partners and projects and makes a huge difference to the children and young people we support.

Happy New Year - wishing you all a fantastic and blessed 2023!  Lots planned for this year - help us support all our projects and make a huge difference to the lives of both children and young people in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region in South Africa.


June 2022

Trip To South Africa - July 2022!

Very excited to announce that we are looking forward to visiting our partners in South Africa during July and currently planning our time.  After almost three years, it will be such a blessing to be able to return and catch up in person with all the inspirational projects that are taking place and look at how we support the next stages.  Hoping for further exciting developments.......


As we look forward to the summer months, please get in touch if you would like to support any sporting event or have an idea to help support fundraising - we are always happy to cheer on our supporters!

March 2022

A huge thank you to Megan E for using her SQA Leadership Award to arrange a charity Fundraising coffee morning with raffle.  Raising £740!  Organising any event has been tough enough over the last few years and the time and effort put in was greatly appreciated


Wishing you all a fantastic 2022! Happy New year!


December 2021

Many thanks to all those who contributed to our Xmas Wish Appeal - we raised over £1200 and helped provide the Xmas wishes to an amazing group of Children!

September 2021

A huge Thank You to the 'Wardie Bay Sun Tan Society' for their fantastic efforts and training all throughout last year in a epic attempt to swim the English Challenge later this month - we will be cheering you on all the way - just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...........

As restrictions start to ease there are several sporting challenges during the Autumn and Winter Months ahead - please let us know if you are up for a challenge - we love cheering on all our supporters and happy to help out or offer fundraising suggestions!!!  More fun details to follow.........

Summer 2021

As with last year, this has been a very challenging time for all involved.  A second lock down and uncertainty in every sector has had a massive impact on the charity sector and giving.  We have been grateful for all the amazing supporter we have around the world and here in the UK.  Despite all the challenges we are facing, it is those who are working on the ground and in both the Children's villages and Medical Centres that are the real heroes.  We have all been inspired hearing from those who are home schooling groups of children with little resources, access to education or in medical centres helping the most vulnerable.  

Planning fundraising events has been tricky as restrictions continue to change, but there is a glimmer of hope as we move towards Autumn that we can start planning again - fingers crossed. 

January 2021

It was with Great Delight and Support that we Managed to raise and meet our Xmas Wish Appeal Target .  A HUGE thank you to everyone involved.


September/October 2020

We have all heard a lot about the mental health of children this year and the effect of the virus on our young people.  Despite having to cancel all our planned summer events, we are looking to launch three exciting Projects this September/October and would love your support:-
  1. Our Annual Xmas Wish Appeal: Help up ensure that this Year Xmas continues to bring the Love and Magic that every child and young person deserves.  We are looking to raise £2000 this year. This is one of our favorite Appeals and brings so much joy to all involved.
  2. Sponsor a Child Initiative: This will be a new initiative with exciting details to follow. 

2020 - Wow what a Year!

Jan - March: We watched as slowly the World Pandemic took hold and we began understanding the extend that this would impact not just our charity but every charity, business and individual on the planet! 
March - August: We adapted our processes to ensure that we were keeping everyone around us safe and protecting those who are vulnerable in our communities.  Sadly we had to cancel all our planned summer events which has drastically reduced our hoped for donations and put projects on hold, however we have been overwhelmed by the continued regular supporters and donors who have despite being dramatically effected themselves by the virus continued to give.  We know how hard this has been and are eternally grateful - THANK YOU!
September is about hope.  Hope for the future, Hope for our projects and Hope for each other.  If nothing else society is much more aware of the vulnerable in society and the communities we live in and hopefully we will be kinder to each other because of this.  


Nov - Dec 2019


Help us reach our £1000 target and once again provide the Xmas Wish Activities for these amazing children/young people and spread some Xmas Joy through the Festive Season.

Nov 2019

Ladies Lunch!

Looking forward to celebrating with our Inaugural Ladies Lunch Fundraiser.       This Year taking place at the Royal Edinburgh Botanical Garden on the 9th November.  Fantastic range of raffle Prizes and delicious long lunch.  All to raise funds for our Xmas Wish Appeal 2019

April 2019 & July/August 2019

It is always wonderful to be back visiting South Africa and our trip this Easter and in Summer was as wonderful as ever.  The work carried out by those at iKhethelo. Lily and the Philakade Centre (in Partnership with the Hilcrest Aid Centre) is simply amazing.  Those individuals who have dedicated their lives to help these children and young people is truly inspiring.

The Philakade Centre is hoping to open early November and will provide a place for some of the most vulnerable in the region.  Fingers and Hearts Crossed!

Feb 2019

Spring is in the Air!!

Delighted to announce that we met the targets for our December Fundraising Appeals and a HUGE thank you to all that donated and supported this.  Once again it was great to see all the different ways that people raised the funds and braved the cold weather to take part in the various Xmas runs etc.

Looking forward in to 2019....

Easter Trip 2019

We will once again be heading over to South Africa as a family and looking forward to catching up with everyone and reporting back on our current fundraising efforts along with setting some exciting goals and plans for the coming year this space!

We are always looking for good quality clothing especially for teenagers so if anyone has anything they would like to donate, please get in touch directly.

Fundraising Ideas

As always, if anyone has any ideas or is looking for a charity to help support please get in touch.  We love supporting all efforts and every penny raised goes directly to helping these amazing children and young people have the opportunity to reach their dreams.  Every penny makes a huge difference.  Thank you


November 2018

         What a fantastic Year so far!!!

A huge thank you to all our supporters and fundraisers over the summer months who took part in various events from Mammoth Marathon to Bake Sales - every penny raised will make such a huge difference.

November has seen Three exciting Fundraising Appeals launched!

Our Two Xmas Wish Appeals to help provide all the Xmas Wish Activities for both iKhethelo and Lily of the Valley Children's Villages.  Help us reach our £1500 target - see the links below for further details.

Kindness Project - Nov 2018

Super excited to be launching our Kindness Project!

An idea that originally came from our 9yrs son who was thinking of ways he could help make a difference using his school ‘Resilience’ theme and his time out in South Africa.


  • Every child has it in them to make a difference to another person no matter what their circumstances and this can be done through a simple kind act. Every child/young person has a value.
  • By creating a kindness card children/young people are given the opportunity to look for similarities rather than see differences when thinking about others and to break down these perception barriers.

The Project - Very simply, our son designed three age appropriate A5 cards (these are in black and white so the recipient can colour).  The words on the cards are in both English and Zulu.

The Children write on the back of cards either a message of support, motivational saying of phrase, a hope/kindness poem, or just a picture.  Whatever they feel would be something they would like to receive if they were having a rough day, or worried before an exam, or just feeling lonely.  

These cards are then sent over to our Children's Villages (along with a little pack of colouring pencils) to be handed out by the management staff when required.

The Cards from the children in our Children's Villages are sent to the schools here who have taken part for the teachers to hand out when a child has had a bad day.

There is no reward for creating the card instead just the knowledge that at some point in the future, a child/young person who is having a bad day or just needing a bit of motivation will receive their card and will know that they are not alone.  Kindness matters and can make a huge impact.

Why this Project?

There is a lot of current research looking into child mental health issues and the power of children helping/supporting children in making a difference in this area.

Every child has their own story.  Every child has a different family dynamic, a different life, a different culture or religion etc. However, kindness and helping another person has the same value no matter how different a person might seem to be.  There is not a scaled value to kindness.

Every child/young person can have a bad day and every child/young person regardless of where they are from or how they live, will face on some level, the same issues around friendships, family, school, exam pressure and worry etc.  This project gives children/young people the opportunity to look for and see similarities and connections through these relatable issues and make both a connection and a difference – breaking down some of the barriers to how they might view others who seem at first seem different.

Creating a card allows the child/young person to have the opportunity to think about someone else who they might never meet, and what they could say or do to help make that individual feel a bit better and know that they are not alone if that person was having a bad day.  

Please get in touch if you would like further information!


April 2018



We have all had a busy few months and just back from a fantastic trip to South Africa to visit our partners and work on our exciting new projects going forward.

It is always inspirational to visit the sites and see the work that is done on a daily basis by some of the most amazing people we have met.  The children/young people are all growing up fast and watching their progress and success is a real testament to the work being done.  Leaving is always hard!


We have set ourselves some high fundraising goals for us all here at the South African Children's Charitable Trust this year and really keen to continue to help improve the lives of these amazing children/young people.

One goal is a new 8 Seater Avanza/Hyundai H1 type vehicle for Ikhethelo Children's Village as their one was hit and written off.  Sadly they are currently without this vital transport - which is used to take the children to school, church and doctor/hospital trips etc.  If anyone would like to help towards this - any donation for any amount would be gratefully received - please get in touch with me directly.  More information to follow......

Sustainability and education are always in our mind and finding ways to help ensure that our partners are equipped with the resources needed to ensure that the children/young people are given every opportunity to meet their potential is our priority.


Events April 2018 - August 2018

  • London Marathon - 21st April 2018
  • Edinburgh Marathon - 27th May 2018
*Launch of our Vehicle Appeal* - May 2018


January 2018


Many thanks for all your support last year and those who have both donated and held events throughout 2017.  Every penny raised goes directly to helping these amazing children and young people and we are extremely grateful.

We successfully reached our Xmas Wish Appeal Target 2017 and delighted that we were able to help bring extra joy to all involved.

We are currently working on out fundraising 2018 events and have a few exciting items coming up..................If you have any ideas or are holding any fundraising events, please get in touch.

- Burns Night Celidh - 27th January - Glen Mhor Hotel- 8.30pm (For more information please get in touch).

 - Edinburgh Marathon - 27th May



Nov/Dec 2017 Fundraising Events

17th Nov - Comedy Night - Seaforth Inn, Ullapool - 8pm

12th Dec - Xmas Jumper day - Glen Mhor Hotel

XMAS Wish Appeal 2017

Following on from last years successfully appeal, we have some new wishes for this Xmas;

Help Us Reach our £1000 Xmas Wish Appeal Target and send the Children at Ikhethelo to;

1) The Beach with Ice Cream
2) To Phezulu Cultural Village and Safari
3) On a Water Park Excursion
4) To the Splash Waterfall with a picnic

Thank you - Spread the Joy this Xmas!

April 2017

Super Excited to announce that we have Tami Wright from Ikhethelo coming over to the UK to launch her new book 'The Fortress' and we have organised a couple of fun charity book launch events.

Tami will also be discussing her role at Ikhethelo Children’s Village in South Africa and is a truly inspirational person.

1) Date: Tuesday 9th May: Glen Mhor Hotel, Inverness at 7.30pm to 9.30pm
2) Date: Thursday 11th May: Raeburn House Hotel: Edinburgh at 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Both events are free to attend with drinks/tea/coffee and nibbles.

There will also be an amazing raffle at each event with all proceeds going to help support the children at Ikhethelo.

If you would like to attend or for further information, please get in touch directly.

What draws us away from the Fortress? How can I practically return to my Fortress? Be inspired to become a prisoner of HOPE as you hear Tami share on why she wrote the book & how you can become a prisoner of HOPE…


February 2017

My Two weeks at Ikhethelo

What an amazing few weeks at Ikhethelo Children's Village!  Spending time with some truly inspirational people and children.  Being on site was more like living with a loving family and I loved every minute.  I also got to witness just how everyone comes together when welcoming and supporting new children into the village and the support they offer to those who are now at an age when they are leaving - a really outstanding example of excellent practices. 

I also had the opportunity to visit  Lily of the Valley and hear about the developments and ideas they have going forward. 

Feeling very focussed on how we can help support both these wonderful organisations.




UPDATE: A huge Thank you to all who helped us reach our £1000 Target for our Xmas Wish Appeal in December 2016. Wishes can come true......

An extra 'Thank you' to all at FourM Accountancy firm who decided to donate to the appeal rather than send Xmas Cards this year.


Loads of Exciting Events Planned for 2017!


  • January –  Edinburgh Book Club Raffle - 9th January - Edinburgh
  •                 - Burns Night Charity Ceilidh – 28th January, Glen Mhor Hotel, Inverness
  • February – Online Auction on Facebook – amazing auction lots available!
  • March – Inverness Half Marathon – Sunday 12th March - join our SA Children’s Charitable Trust team for a fantastic day followed by celebration drinks after the race!


Lots more to events to be posted shortly.  For any further information, please get in touch - we would love to help with any fundraising ideas!


IKhethelo Visit January 2017

Victoria Erasmus - Founder of the South African Children's Charitable Trust, will be heading over to spend a few weeks at Ikhethelo at the end of January and is looking forward to reporting back on all the amazing fundraising that has taken place so far and what this has been able to achieve.



  • South African Xmas Wish Appeal

Please help us reach our target of £1000

  • Xmas is a Magical Time of Year for Children and Adults Alike. Help us send all the children at Ikhethelo over the long festive and summer holiday season to:
  • 1)      Ushaka Marine World    
  • 2)      Ice Skating in Durban
  • 3)      Ten Pin Bowling at Gateway  
  • The children selected these activities as part of a holiday wish list and we are determined to make these wishes come true.
  • All additional funds raised will go toward new school uniforms and equipment for the children starting the new school year 2017!


  • Edinburgh Christmas Charity Festival:

  • Dec 3rd & 4th Inverleith Park, Edinburgh

  • Join us for a weekend of festive fun and help raise funds by either walking or running.  For beginners or experienced runners of all ages.
There is something for everyone from toddler race or walking one, two or three miles to walking or running 5km or 10km. 
  • Starting with the Santa Parade through the heart of Stockbridge, the Stockbridge Pipe Band,
  • Santa, his Reindeer and an escort of Elves.  Along with stalls, live music, carol service and Santa’s Grotto, it’s sure to be a lot of fun for all ages.
  • Whilst anyone participating can raise funds for any charity, if you would like to take part and help fundraise for the South African Children’s Charitable Trust, please get in touch.  We would love to have you join our team!

Events for 2017

Just a few of our confirmed events - look out for more exciting details to follow; 

  • January – Burns Night Charity Ceilidh – 28th January, Glen Mhor Hotel, Inverness 
  • February – Online Auction on Facebook – amazing auction lots available!
  • March – Inverness Half Marathon – Sunday 12th March - join our SA Children’s Charitable Trust team for a fantastic day followed by celebration drinks after the race!


 For details on two of our partner organisations in South Africa please check out their websites; 
South Africa

We are proud that 100% of every penny and gift aid raised goes directly to support children/young people and every donation no matter how small is very much appreciated and valued.