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The South African Children’s Charitable Trust was founded by Jon and Victoria Erasmus. Jon was born and raised in Durban and the family travel to SA every year to visit relatives and friends. Founding The South African Children’s Charitable Trust has seen a dream realised as the opportunity to make a difference and really help both orphaned and vulnerable children and young people becomes a reality.


One of our partner organisations iKhethelo is located in Kwa Zulu Natal. After several years of child sponsoring which included visiting and getting to know the iKkhethelo, it was clear that every penny raised goes directly to the children and we were keen to do more to help. iKhethelo and its sister organisation Lily of the Valley are both outstanding examples of organisations that are really making a difference to these children by helping them to have the opportunity to reach their potential and dream big.

However, with lack of funding, poverty, HIV/Aids and access to basic resources, makes it at times increasingly difficult for these organisation to function.

Whilst sustainability is at the core of everything we do, The South African Children’s Charitable Trust will continue to support outstanding current and future projects along with implementing new programs where appropriate within the Kwa Zulu Natal area to ensure that these amazing children and young people receive the support they need.

The South African Children’s Charitable Trust will also continue to help support the everyday living conditions that the children have. For example, broken toilet seats, bedding, crockery, rooms painted, basic maintenance, clean water and working showers or baths.

                  Ikhethelo Village         View over outdoor theathre Ikh

These basic needs can be left unfixed due to budget prioritising and aren’t always seen as attractive fundraising projects. However as a charity a main goal for us is to ensure that the living conditions for every child is perfect and that these are taken care of or fixed.

Our role in the UK is to fundraise for specific projects and for the everyday living conditions for the children. We also visit the organisations that we help support in South Africa at least once a year and work closely with on an ongoing regular basis. 

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Additionally, The South African Children’s Charitable Trust will help raise awareness in the UK of these incredible organisations. These organisations that are making such a huge difference to those they help, one child at a time, and offer the confidence to those in the UK that every penny raised will be going directly to the children it was meant to help. 

We also see raising awareness of the issues faced in orphan care as essential to help break the negative stereo type images that can exist and ensure that these children and young people are treated with the respect and opportunities they deserve.



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We are proud that 100% of every penny and gift aid raised goes directly to support the children/young people and every donation no matter how small is very much appreciated and valued.