Reach their potential and dream big...

Welcome To The South African Children’s Charitable Trust


The South African Children’s Charitable Trust believes that every child, no matter what their background has the right to reach their potential and dream big. Current circumstances do not define who we become and it is vital to empower every child with this belief in themselves.

Working with our chosen partners, we help support these vital organisations to help ensure that along with the basic rights of food, clothes, accommodation and education, that the maintenance of the buildings and grounds that these children are living in are equally meeting their developing needs. This also includes working closely with the surrounding communities. As a charity we also raise awareness of the issues faced by those in Oprhan care to ensure that these young people are treated with respect.


November 2023

Launch of our Xmas Wish appeal 2023!!!! Xmas is a time where we celebrate giving. Help us provide all the Xmas wishes over the 6 week summer holiday for these amazing children and young people.  Every child deserves to have fun during this time and your help and support will make these xmas wishes and experiences a reality.

Summer 2023

Our Founders Victoria and Jon Erasmus visited our partners in South Africa for the first time since covid!  Such a fantastic time to meet in person with all involved and to plan our fundraising going forward............ Exciting times ahead!

March - October 2023

A huge congratulations to all our amazing fundraising runners!! From Inverness to London, we have had so many dedicated people take part in 5km, 10km, half marathons and marthons around the country.  Every penny raised goes directly to our chosen partners and projects and makes a huge difference to the children and young people we support.


Xmas and winter Xmas wish appeal
Help us raise funds for our annual xmas wish appeal and help provide the xmas wish activities for the children and young people over the xmas holiday break (summer holiday in SOuth Africa lasts 6 weeks)
June 2022
As we look forward to the summer months, please get in touch if you would like to support any sporting event or have an idea to help support fundraising - we are always happy to cheer on our supporters!
March 2022
A huge thank you to Megan E for using her SQA Leadership Award to arrange a charity Fundraising coffee morning with raffle.  Raising £740!  Organising any event has been tough enough over the last few years and the time and effort put in was greatly appreciated
Wishing you all a fantastic 2022! Happy New year!
December 2021
Many thanks to all those who contributed to our Xmas Wish Appeal - we raised over £1200 and helped provide the Xmas wishes to an amazing group of Children!
September 2021
A huge Thank You to the 'Wardie Bay Sun Tan Society' for their fantastic efforts and training all throughout last year in a epic attempt to swim the English Challenge later this month - we will be cheering you on all the way - just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...........
As restrictions start to ease there are several sporting challenges during the Autumn and Winter Months ahead - please let us know if you are up for a challenge - we love cheering on all our supporters and happy to help out or offer fundraising suggestions!!!  More fun details to follow.........
Summer 2021
As with last year, this has been a very challenging time for all involved.  A second lock down and uncertainty in every sector has had a massive impact on the charity sector and giving.  We have been grateful for all the amazing supporter we have around the world and here in the UK.  Despite all the challenges we are facing, it is those who are working on the ground and in both the Children's villages and Medical Centres that are the real heroes.  We have all been inspired hearing from those who are home schooling groups of children with little resources, access to education or in medical centres helping the most vulnerable.  
Planning fundraising events has been tricky as restrictions continue to change, but there is a glimmer of hope as we move towards Autumn that we can start planning again - fingers crossed. 
January 2021
It was with Great Delight and Support that we Managed to raise and meet our Xmas Wish Appeal Target .  A HUGE thank you to everyone involved.
September/October 2020.
We have all heard a lot about the mental health of children this year and the impact the virus has had on our young people.  However, despite having to cancel all our Summer planned events we are looking to launch three Projects this September/October :
  1. Our Annual Xmas Wish Appeal 2020: Help up ensure that this Year Xmas continues to bring the Love and Magic that every child and young person deserves.  We are looking to raise £2000 this year. This is one of our favorite Appeals and brings so much joy to all involved. (As always, every penny raised including 100% of all gift aid goes directly to our projects and never on any admin).
  2. Sponsor a Child Initiative: This will be a new initiative with exciting details to follow.
Ready for a Virtual challenge this year?
We are the Official Affiliated Charity for many Virtual marathons/half marathons/ 10km/5km and fun run around the UK - please get in touch for more details - and help children and young people reach their goals.
Kindness Card Project - Giving young people the chance to spread kindness
  • Every child has it in them to make a difference to another person no matter what their circumstances and this can be done through a simple kind act. Every child/young person has a value.
  • By creating a kindness card children/young people are given the opportunity to look for similarities rather than see differences when thinking about others and to break down these perception barriers.
  • Please see the news section or get in touch for further information on our exciting project!


We are proud that 100% of every penny and gift aid raised goes directly to support these amazing children/young people and every donation no matter how small is very much appreciated and valued.